All you need to know about the innovative Mivan Technology.

Many development companies use Mivan technology today to ensure the structure’s durability. This is why Mivan technology is a great choice to build multiple houses in a short time. Mivan shuttering may be a better option than traditional methods of construction. Mivan shuttering is an aluminum formwork that has been used all over the world. It’s an economically viable alternative to traditional labor-intensive construction methods and takes too much time.
Mivan construction can be very economical if it is a large-scale construction. All components (beams, walls slabs, staircases, and beams) are made from concrete, so bricks can be eliminated. Mivan formwork has helped the realty sector be more efficient in assembling and faster construction, just as modular kitchens have replaced traditional ones.

What is Mivan Technology?

Mivan is a high-quality aluminum structure. developed by Mivan Company Ltd, an European construction company, and first manufactured by a Malaysian company in 1990. This formwork system is ideal for building large houses at a much faster pace. Construction speed is an essential aspect of large-scale housing projects and township projects. The “Mivan formwork method” is an intelligent construction method that has been developed by the real estate industry to address unique challenges. Many buildings are being built in Mumbai using the Mivan technology. This has been proven economical and satisfying for the Indian real estate market. It is also widely used in Europe, Asia, and the Gulf Countries. You can build large numbers of houses quickly using Mivan technology.

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Mivan Technology and its applications in India

Although Mivan technology is not widely used in India, it is popular in Europe, the Gulf, and other parts of Asia. In addition, it is being used in India to finish the most challenging government scheme, Housing for All, by 2022.[1]

Mivan Formwork

Mivan shuttering/formwork is an aluminum formwork system. It is a unique construction technique that doesn’t compromise strength or durability but is time-consuming and labor-intensive compared to traditional construction methods.

This method is ideal for large projects because it includes components, such as slabs and beams, staircases, walls, etc. Just like conventional method, in Mivan formwork, concrete is used for construction. Mivan formwork was made more accessible and faster to assemble, just as modular kitchens replaced traditional ones.

Mivan Formwork: Major components

Based on where they are used, components of Mivan Formwork can be divided into four types:

For Wall Components

Beam Side Panel, Panel for Soffit Beam.

Beam Components

Wall Panel, d. Rocker, C. Kickers, and d. Stub Pin

Deck Components

Deck Panels, Deck Prop and Deck Length. c) Soffit Height.

Other Components

Other elements besides the beam and wall are used, including exterior and interior soffit corners and wall panel edges.

Benefits of Mivan Formwork

Mivan formwork has numerous benefits:

  • It speeds up construction and produces better quality work.
  • It is lightweight, making it easier to use by labor.
  • Mivan formwork is popular in construction field because it requires very little maintenance because of its small number of joints.
  • You don’t need skilled labor to install shutters.
  • The smooth surfaces offer a natural look and don’t require plastering.
  • It is less expensive to fabricate, which means less debris.
  • Aluminum does not suffer from corrosion, so you can reuse it hundreds of times.
  • It is also resistant to seismic forces.
  • Load carrying capacity
  • Durability
  • Time saving

Work cycle

These are the critical steps in the Mivan shuttering process.

  • The first day would see vertical reinforcement bars and one side formwork for one floor.
  • The second day would see the construction of another vertical formwork side by side with the floor’s formwork.
  • The laborers fix the floor reinforcement bars and cast the slabs on the third day.
  • The laborers would remove the vertical formwork panels on the fourth day after 24 hours. The props would remain in place for almost 7 days and the floor slab formwork for 2.5 days.

Mivan Shuttering: Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Mivan Technology.


  • Mivan Formwork is relatively easy to do.
  • Floors can be completed faster.
  • There are fewer joints and fewer leakages.
  • Wall and slab smooth finishes
  • Low maintenance
  • More seismic resistance
  • Construction work of high quality
  • Accelerated completion
  • Plastering is unnecessary


  • Skilled labor is required for alignment maintenance.
  • It takes some time to set up the initial setup.
  • It is costly and can only be used for standard floors.
  • For alignment maintenance, skilled labor is required.
  • It is important to correctly place construction joints.
  • Leakage issues such as seepage and leakages during monsoon

Areas where Mivan Technology can be used effectively

Mivan technology is ideal for building large numbers of houses quickly and easily. This technology can also build slabs and walls using room-sized structures. This technology allows shuttering of both columns and slabs in construction. This shuttering is ideal for large rooms and floor slabs. These shutters are solid and sturdy, and they are easy to maintain.

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