• First things first, nothing can beat the mental, emotional and physical bliss of  having your own personal space be it provisional as in your home or functional meaning work space. We along with the team at Vacanza developers have tried to put together a basic one stop guide to buying like the page suggests.
  • The personal loan segment has been forever evolving to meet the needs of its consumers and end users. This whole ideology has been indirectly created to give a more stable life and so that people can relate to making their dream space a tangible reality.
  • Since the idea of owning your own space has sparked in your mind the next requirement would be of assessing your financial status along with your personal banking entity. Comparing your reserves and earnings with expenses, outstanding loans and other liabilities (if any) would be helpful to assess your finances. Which would further provide an estimation of eligible loan values against your assets along with a clearer picture of personal contribution and the size of the property that can be acquired.
  • Next step would be to assess your needs to search for an attractive property in accordance with prioritizing day to day requirement. Some areas that would help decide are proximity to school, shopping areas, groceries and produce availability, hospital, entertainment. The rest can be customized as per individual requirement.
  • Deciding on where to buy, what to buy is as crucial as buying itself. Here comes the role of real estate’s very own shopping mall which are social platforms, brokers, B2C marketing, listings like Quikr, 99acres, etc. Recent studies have shown that social platforms like Facebook, Twitter have also been playing a crucial role in real estate market investments and buying’s.
    The above steps would also act as filters to narrowing your search and bringing forward the best options available in a customized format.
  • Another important factor to be considered is whether to move into a ready venture or invest in an upcoming one for better prices depending on your need and availability of resources and funds.
  • A typical loan facility would provide around 70% – 80% of the funds required, so a smarter move would be considering a loan top up to reduce personal immediate investment and covering various overhead expenses.
  • Lastly, it is very important to understand and have a crystal-clear picture of the various options available pertaining to loans and most importantly insurance of your assets so that what is close to your heart is with you always.

Finally, the best piece of advice we could give is that, investing in real estate is the best form of investment because of its exclusive nature of minimum uncertainty, promising short and long term returns in the form of rent and appreciation and its physical tangibility.

Penned by Team Vacanza

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