Ankit Agrawal

We are a part of New India. An India of compliances, transparency, good governance, accountability to customers and regulation. And we love it.

At Vacanza Developers, we believe in all of the above. We believe that good business practices sustain the organization longer and lends itself to better growth prospects. Our favorite policy is that, happy customers bring you more customers for which we have three step priority procedure- customer first, product followed by after sales service. We have observed that in the New India, only the strong shall survive. And, we at Vacanza Developers shall not just survive, but also flourish.

The Indian economy is expected to touch USD 2 Trillion by 2030. As we look ahead and into the future, we see opportunities and even more opportunities. We see great prospects for the building industry. Homes, malls, offices, startup incubators and what not, the India we see is one that will have its golden sheen again.

It is in this New India that we want to claim stakes and leave our mark. At Vacanza Developers, we have great confidence in our strengths, vision and in our energy. We wish to become a USD Billion entity in the next few years, by building on our wherewithal and unmitigated passion for performance and excellence.

Here, we dream of an India which is highly advanced, ethically, as compared to their counterparts. Therefore, we wish and aim to be one of the frontline creators of this New India.


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