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There is little in this world that can compare to the luminescent sparkle of a diamond. At Purna Purshottam we manufacture and supply the best of these little wonders running through the hands of 20+ processes and departments with 1000+ artisans and staff experts who are equally involved in delivering a quality product. Purna Purshottam has grown over the last decade as one of the most loyal and trusted name for single cut and full cut diamonds and we believe being in the constant state of metamorphosis.

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  • Full Cut
    In the diamond market Full Cut Diamonds have always been in demand for various reasons ranging from jewelry to watches.
  • Single Cut 8/8
    8/8 cut diamonds Purna Purshottam Export is a pioneer amongst diamond supplier of the Single Cut Diamonds in the Global market.
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Purna Purshottam Export is known worldwide in Global Diamond Market, Swiss watches and jewelry industries and also in Hong Kong bang Kong diamond market for our unmatchable Full Cut and Single Cut, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation

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