The DREAM City project – Surat Diamond Bourse

Everyone would like to be in an office building that offers all the amenities and an environment that is pleasant to work in. It is simple. The place we work in a workplace has a direct impact on productivity. Built by PSP projects, the ‘Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB)‘ is India’s second largest diamond hub, a dream for people in the diamond industry and a remarkable junction for diamond traders and workers alike.

The Surat Diamond Bourse houses safe deposit vaults, museum and customs offices, money transfer desks, travel desks, and so much more. It also has a retail zone, auction house, and diamond club under one roof. All of this is surrounded by state-of-the-art security and amenities. The SDB is the largest office building globally with a single basement. The smart project of SDB is also known as DREAM (Diamond Research and Mercantile) City. Surat Diamond Bourse is actually a not-for-profit organization managed through Surat Diamond Bourse, a company established to facilitate creating and promoting a diamond bourse in Surat, Gujarat. Spread over 35.54 acres, with a total of an area of Sq.ft.

constructed area, which includes the offices of 4,000 national and international traders, SDB is indeed a sprawling project.

Why was Surat Diamond Bourse built?

Many objectives led to the development of SDB:

  • To promote exports, imports, and trade of diamonds, gems & jewellery from India.
  • To provide the latest infrastructure to organizations involved in the manufacturing and trading of diamonds.
  • To encourage, develop, and protect trade and commerce related to gems & jewellery, including cutting, polishing, and processing.
  • To establish and maintain the international trading center in India to help facilitate the diamond, gems & jewellery industry.
  • To establish India as an advanced and modern diamond, gems & jewellery market around the globe.

Facilities of the Surat Diamond Bourse

The Surat Diamond Bourse has multitudinous facilities that makes it unique.

Recreational Zone

The area for meetings exudes an unassuming yet timeless elegance that is in keeping with the inimitable landscaping and greenery found in the space. It is designed to reflect a relaxing luxury of a spa. This meeting area provides an elegant yet comfortable ambiance for guests and members to relax or host formal or informal meetings.

Security & Surveillance

Strategically located security lobbies throughout the building will ensure security and easy access to all areas security and safety are the top priorities. The building will be highly secured security checkpoints on campus in all exits and entrances, CCTV surveillance control rooms, a public announcement system, and scanners for under-cars on entry gates. The facility also has a digitally integrated fire protection system as per the latest security standards.

Ample Parking Space

There are 20 Lakh square feet available for vehicle parking and travel, besides the basement which is designed to be used as a parking as well. Traffic layout allows for one-way traffic on the internal road so cars, taxis, autos, service vehicles/goods, custom vehicles, and two-wheelers can move with ease. There are separate entry and exit points, which reduces congestion and eliminates/reduces potential vehicular conflict. There is also a provision for specific entry/exit points for service vehicles.

The amazing Panchtatva Landscape

Surat Diamond Bourse combines a high-density architectural design with an efficient environmental concept. Panchtatva is the center of the chakra of the Universe, according to mythological facts. When the five elements of nature – Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Sky, are in balance, they bring peace, prosperity, happiness, and success.

Beautiful Promenade

It is refreshing to walk from one office to the other, you will find the verdure landscaping provides a relaxing experience. The atrium is lined with lush green plantations to make your journey laid-back. Moreover, the green courts offer unique recreation opportunities, with an enclosed periphery and inner areas with flora.

Monumental entrance and drop-off zone

The entrance offers a beautiful genesis for the facility with a welcoming frame. The scenic views of the landscape on either side will captivate your eyes as you drive along the well-constructed and directed roads. The drop-off area has been designed to be both functional and convenient. It also allows for easy and well-organized movement of traffic, pedestrian, increasing efficiency. There are no overlaps, and there are enough gates for entry/exit. Furthermore, the routes have been designed to reduce travel time and walking time within the premises, maximizing security and efficiency.

Tranquil Atrium

One-of-a-kind central spine corridor features a central atrium featuring elegantly designed indoor landscaping. The spine corridor’s architectural embellishments and aesthetically-designed landscaping draw attention to the building while also serving as a transit line. The grand atrium allows light to enter and creates a feeling of openness, making it glow during the day. Radiant cooling is incorporated throughout the corridor, keeping the temperature comfortable throughout the day. Moreover, each floor has well-planned green spaces and food courts that allow informal conversations and socializing.

Great Opportunity for employees taking offices in Surat Diamond!

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