Why 2BHK Flat is the best fit for your family?

2BHK Flats are the best fit for your family?

In the last few years, we can see considerable growth in the residential real-estate sector of India. With the government bringing in friendly policies and builder companies coming up with friendly rates, home-buying has become comparatively easy.

While real-estate investments and financial decisions are fairly subjective to everyone, there are some outlays that can always be a good idea. For example, in a city like Surat, 2BHK apartments can never go wrong. Some of the best properties in Surat consist of 2BHK flats and these consist of some very affordable flats in Vesu.

Why 2BHK flats as compared to 1BHK or 3BHK?

This has been and will always be a constant debate but in many averages and arrays, 2BHK flats in Surat take a lead. Here’s why?

1BHK Flats:

  • Though pocket friendly and easy to maintain, space crunch is a constant struggle with these apartments.
  • They’re most ideal for bachelors and newly married couples.
  • There’s a constant demand-supply problem.

2BHK Flats:

    • When considering both the above and below options, the best property in Surat emerges as these 2BHK flats in Surat.
    • They’re ideal for investment purposes and profitability offering. When it comes to buying and selling, 2BHK flats are the most affordable and give the best returns due to high demands all the time. This model of flats is something that never goes out of demand. Some of the most affordable flats in Vesu are 2BHK flats.
    • They’re perfect when it comes to comfortability and demand-supply options.

Some other factors are:

    1. Great return on investment
    2. Ample availability
    3. Easy to maintain
    4. Good value appreciation
    5. Easy to sell or rent
    6. Ideal for working partners
    7. Ideal for first-time homebuyers
    8. The bigger version of everything, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and kitchen
  • Developers have the liberty to play with designs like incorporating extra space for extra room that make the unit look bigger. This greatly helps to make convenient accommodation for furniture and home decors.
  • 2BHK flats will always have a large target audience and therefore a higher selling value especially when it’s in a prime location like Vesu in a city like Surat.
  • They’ll always have a much higher capital appreciation as compared to a unit of 3BHK. Moreover rent from 2 units of 2BHK will always be higher than a unit of 3BHK.

3BHK Flats:

  • Ample living space, no prizes for guessing that! They’re the best options for large families in terms of space availability.
  • But, they offer a lower rate of return on investment as compared to 2BHK flats.
  • They’re most ideal for rentals and temporary arrangements but an investor might actually be at a little lost when going into buying options for the same.
  • Maintenance charges are on the higher side and as compared to these, 2BHK apartments evolve as a better option for first-time home buyers, couples, and nuclear families.

Hence the final verdict remains that 2BHK apartments are ideal investment options considered by nuclear families and medium-sized families. Thinking practically and for the long-term purpose, investing in a 2BHK is certainly the best thing one can do for better ROI.



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